Children Department

Computer Learning for Kids

Generally we understand that children will buy chocolates, buy toys, or have interest in children’s content. The whole world will go hand in hand with the computer and in the children will be called ‘Be grown up’, it will not work! Apple founder Steve Jobs saw the first computer in 10-11 years.

Children will get computer education, computer skills, computer related knowledge, and the ability to use them and apply technical expertise. It may be from basic use to programming and solving difficult problems. Another important thing here is how different components of the computer work and how it handles the computer.

Computer education is considered as an important skill in developed countries. Knowing the computer is considered an additional qualification. So, like our developed country, children of our country can easily get computer education.

Considering the first time computer education in Chandpur, the ‘Children Division’ has been launched under the Information Access Center. The Children Division is managed by a fully skilled female trainer. This section will be operated on weekends and Saturday shifts on weekends.


 Computer Learning for Kids

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